Your problem pneumatic and hydraulic sealing applications are our business. 
K&S composite seals, gaskets, ducts, and sleeves can meet the toughest pressure,temperature and dimensional tolerance requirements; solving your most demanding problem applications.

K&S builds its products by combining woven fibers and elastomer in multi-layer preforms which are then molded into the required shape. This process assures repeatable tolerances within .002 or .003 of an inch. Our most popular composite blend, fiberglass cloth and silicone rubber, produces a product that will not lose seal or deteriorate at temperatures from -100 to +600 degrees Fahrenheit. K&S composite products also are well suited to high pressure applications. Our products are performing without failure in environments in excess of 7500 psi.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential elements of customer retention, customer loyalty, and product repurchase. The art and science of  customer satisfaction involves strategically focusing on creating and  reinforcing the customers expectations. Here at K&S we strive to deliver the product that fills our customers needs.