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KS Enterprises was founded by Ken McGlip. A machinist and engineer trained at North American Rockwell, Ken’s skills as a tool-and-die maker were legendary, as were his skills and abilities in other areas. In 1971, he sold his first company and founded KS Enterprises with his son, doing work for the Department of Defense. Ken’s son was racing dirt bikes at the same time. Off-road competition is brutal on a motorcycle’s suspension, causing the front fork seals and rear shock absorber to leak and quickly fail. Ken recognized an opportunity to design and create custom rubber reinforced seals for his son’s race bike, a Spanish Bultaco Pursang. His seals worked perfectly and did not leak, even in the harshest environments and racing conditions. Word of this incredible innovation spread like wildfire through the motorcycle racing community, and soon KS was providing custom seals for all the top race bikes, including the finest Europe had to offer: Husqvarna, Maico, CZ and, of course, Bultaco. It was here, in the dusty, loud, and highly competitive world of off-road motorcycle racing, that the KS seal business was born. And almost six decades later, we still build the finest custom seals, sleeves, ducts, and gaskets available to solve customers’ toughest challenges in Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Off-Road, and Recreational sectors.


At KS, we believe the opportunities for our company and products are almost limitless. As air travel continues to develop and improve, and space travel becomes more and more mainstream, the demand for high-performance aerospace seals, sleeves, ducts, and gaskets will only expand and grow.

As well, our involvement with original equipment manufacturers and the military will almost surely continue to evolve and increase. As technology changes and improves, so too must the components used to create it. And KS plans to be there on the forefront, solving challenges and creating solutions for whatever may come.


Need a special high-pressure seal or gasket that’s not readily available for your application? KS may be able to help. We offer the capability of custom engineering and construction of composite components for a wide variety of uses and industries. Yes, we specialize in the aerospace and commercial airline categories. But our expertise can extend into many other areas. To get the process started for your special need, simply provide us some specifications in the spaces below, then submit a Quote Request. A KS salesperson will prepare a quote and contact you.

  • AS9100D Quality System Approval 2017
  • Boeing Quality System Approval Recognition 2008
  • BCA Inspection Delegation Authority issued by Boeing Commercial Airplanes 2009
  • Airbus Approval Issued 2004
  • Approval of KS Quality Assurance Manual issued by the Federal Aviation Administration 2012

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