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KS Seals, Sleeves, Gaskets and Ducting are engineered and manufactured to meet the toughest pressure, temperature, and dimensional tolerance requirements to meet your most demanding and problematic applications. For example, our composite seals are built from woven fibers and elastomer preformed to meet your application’s temperature and pressure requirements. Our stretch/memory composite construction allows the seal to stretch over a piston and then return to its exact original size to fit securely in the seal groove. This material also provides the ability to handle high vibration and serve as a vibration dampener.



Our composite process allows KS ducting parts to be formed into the required shape for an application while maintaining strength and integrity.

Gasket and flanges for mechanical seal


KS are experts in the manufacturing of composite gaskets. From standard applications to custom sizes, we provide the highest tolerances and performance.



We offer composite seals in sizes from ¼” to virtually unlimited. Each is built to meet your exact temperature and pressure requirements.



KS composite sleeves conform to the component’s shape adding strength and rigidity.


Need a special high-pressure seal or gasket that’s not readily available for your application? KS may be able to help. We offer the capability of custom engineering and construction of composite components for a wide variety of uses and industries. Yes, we specialize in the aerospace and commercial airline categories. But our expertise can extend into many other areas. To get the process started for your special need, simply provide us some specifications in the spaces below, then submit a Quote Request. A KS salesperson will prepare a quote and contact you.

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